How To Get Rid Of Shadow People

Before anyone who is being terrified/accosted by these negative energy entities can do anything about them, one needs to understand what and who these “shadow creatures” are purportedly. Subsequently, a plan of attack can be formulated on how we can get rid of these shadow people. It is hard to imagine that they even exist among us, however, there are a few prevalent theories trying to explain what they could possibly be. These shadow figures could be ghosts, demons, time travelers, alien beings, or is it merely a very vivid dark imagination. Just like other famous creatures of the night such as Bigfoot and others, we can only speculate until indisputable evidence is discovered. Until this irrefutable evidence is presented and this spiritual phenomenon is acknowledged in the mainstream world, we have to try to help each other within the paranormal community.


Shadow beings are rather dark in color (some claim them to be darker than darkness) and have a human outline but lack any detailed appearance. Generally speaking, they are seen most often as human shaped entities, however, there are anecdotal reports of animals and other ghost shadows encountered as well. As just explained above, they are always very dark in color however there are sightings of intense red glowing eyes on occasion. There are numerous accounts of encounters with the hat man described as appearing in complete blackness in color except for his piercing glowing red eyes.  On the other hand, ghosts/spirits as we know them, in general, tend to have a distinct human appearance and usually a discernable style of clothing of the time of the death. A number of paranormal researchers/psychics believe that at least a certain percentage of shadow people are actually a manifestation of spirits in some form or another.

Some have claimed to be the recently deceased who are now trapped on earth and not allowed to return to their spiritual plane of existence. Others claim that the shadow people are a form of supernatural entities that do not reflect the physical realm and therefore must hide behind the shadow shape, which is also their element.  On occasion, they seem to deliberately utilize this shadowy shape to communicate with humans whose eyes light up at their presence. It was once purported that these were actually thoughtforms in our collective unconscious minds or even shapeshifters from other planes of existence prowling around on Earth until they figure out how to manifest in physical reality. Either cause or effect is viable, no matter how unbelievable.


A very large segment of paranormal researchers believe that shadow people are supernatural beings that come in the form of evil spirits and can cause untold suffering, despair, and even physical harm to people. It is believed demons crave and grow stronger within an environment of manipulation, misery, and fear. Demonic activity is often associated with persons, families, and environments surrounded and involved with violence, drug addiction, anxiety, and abuse to name a few. The majority of paranormal investigators believe most ghosts, in general, cannot harm people, however, shadow men can and will harm people if given the opportunity and the right circumstances. Are demons real, simply put many folks believe shadow monsters are a type of demonic entity.

How To Get Rid Of Shadow PeopleImagination
The human mind is a very complex and at times overwhelming body of neurons and gray matter. It’s always thinking and figuring out various things in particular during trying times; it tends to compensate in various ways. Consequently, shadow people could be simply a result of an over productive imagination due too stressful and dire conditions someone is in. It can be due to bad lighting, actual shadows, or other perfectly normal environmental conditions that this imagination is conceived. Having said that, this is a typical skeptics’ point of view of shadow figures and the supernatural in general. As we all know, skeptics will always find a way to explain everything away even, if it makes no sense whatsoever.

Time Travelers
Some theories postulate that people from the future can be seen partly as shadows as they pass through the space time continuum. This belief speculates that the presence of shadow people in our lives could be mystery individuals from beyond our time out to discover something in our lives. This could be a possibility however these are not the type of shadow beings we are referring to here. This particular theory is not overly popular within the paranormal community for a number of reasons. I won’t list them all here, however one major reason is the cognizance of evil.

There have been countless reports that aliens exist in our world, people have given tales of how they were abducted by aliens. These accounts give a voice that shadow people could be aliens as they can appear and disappear abruptly and can equally pass through walls. Aliens have been often described as fast-moving black shadows disappearing and reappearing at will. The shadow people are said to closely resemble the “Greys” in certain aspects with Grey being a popular term for aliens. These shadow beings have been reported to be seen in places where there is UFO activity (UFOs are short for Unidentified Flying Objects). It is difficult to identify these entities as they disappear and appear suddenly, it is hard to get a clear look, they also seem to be able to teleport. This occurs when they move from one place to another in a split second. It is difficult to identify these entities whether they are human, animal, demons, or aliens. There have been several documented reports of shadow people appearing in the vicinity where UFO sightings occurred. 

Interdimensional Beings
There are folks who believe that shadow people are some type of Interdimensional entities or intelligence. They come in and out of our dimension as they please, seemingly to observe us for reasons unknown. Many of us are convinced they are Beings who have been here since the beginning of time. They do not bother you unless you want to communicate with them or play in their world. They are not always scary or evil. Some call them shadow figures; some refer to them as Shadow Beings; other nomenclatures include The Watchers, Dark Ones, Ethereal Extraterrestrials, Dark Servants, and Shadow Creatures.

The answers to why they appear, their origins, intentions, and purpose is something that we may never know. They are here on this planet to help us or for some other unknown reason of which we are not aware of. Perhaps they are here to teach us lessons and help us prepare for what is coming in the near future. Some believe they are Interdimensional Guides who watch over and protect our planet as Interdimensional Guardians do. Others think they only appear when you have achieved a certain level of consciousness or when you need some type of spiritual guidance. Or perhaps humans will be given a chance at interdimensional travel when the time comes.

How Do I Get Rid Of Malevolent Shadow Entities?

1.If you can summon the strength while being extremely vigilant, try and talk to the shadow people/creatures. It is imperative to know why the shadow person has chosen you and/or your family specifically to reveal themselves. Establish if they can communicate in some manner and explain their purpose to you however use extreme caution. Having said that remember, the Hat Man and Shadow figures are not known to be benevolent beings whatsoever.

2. Seek professional help to get rid of shadow people. A paranormal investigator will offer advice on what you need to do, they will provide assistance on how to handle fear and confront the shadow people. They will evaluate your past experiences and gauge whether it could be related to you getting shadow people.

3. Share with close family members. It is important for those close to you know that you have been seeing shadow figures. This helps them to understand the change in your behavior such as fear and anxiety. Sharing with them helps you to get rid of shadow people since they see that you have sought help.

4. Some people actually advocate to basically ignore them, as if this was something simple to do. They believe these shadow beings, ghosts, spirits and other interdimensional entities want to be noticed by someone for various unknown reasons. The notion is if you do not notice or ignore them long enough, they will lose interest with you and may actually go somewhere else to get the attention they desire. Hopefully, they move on to another location or simply just give up and return to wherever they came from originally. In a nutshell, essentially pay them no mind and they will leave you alone. Personally, I believe this might happen in very rare cases under special circumstances however I strongly have confidence in asserting the majority of hauntings simply cannot just be ignored or wished away.

5. Try to live in a happy and clean environment as much as possibly you can, which includes people around you as well such as your family. It is widely speculated that demonic forces thrive within environments full of unhappiness, confusion, hopelessness, and a general sense of uncleanliness. If these shadow figures are truly demonic/evil in origin, they are highly attracted to these undesirable surroundings. In general, life is best lived in a clean and joyful environment, of course, most people live in the real world and at times it can get rough. Some researchers believe fright and anguish within one’s mind in combination of other factors such as various addictions are enough to attract shadow people to you. So essentially trying to keep a positive outlook at all times and keeping your faith strong might just be enough to keep these evil black masses/mists away from you.

One effect of shadow people that is predominant is that they instill in us terror and concern. Therefore, one needs to find a suitable way to get rid of shadow people so as to live in peace and harmony. The presence of shadow people is not a usual occurrence thus it is imperative that an individual seeks professional help to get rid of shadow people. One can join paranormal support groups of people who have come across shadow people in their lives and together find a lasting solution. The presence of shadow people could be a premonition of what is to happen and could disappear on their own after their purpose is done. However, nothing is to be ruled out in this world and even the most complex of problems can be solved. A solution to get rid of shadow people involves a variety of ways. An individual can get rid of shadow people by trying one option after the other while keeping an open mind. In addition, one will need to have strong willpower and be determined enough to eliminate the existence of shadow people from his life and even his home. One needs to keep in mind that once a paranormal entity has entered a person’s life it could manifest itself again at any time unless the root cause is revealed and eliminated. Therefore, one will need to do away with whatever is causing the problem for good and not just for temporary relief from shadow people.