Shadow People

The Presence of Shadow People. Shadow people are viewed as supernatural/paranormal beings which often have a human like appearance to them however there are void of any color. They are commonly described as being completely black, in fact so black they can be seen in complete darkness. Hence they are frequently referred to as shadow people, shadow creatures, shadow figures and can appear in all sorts of dark shapes and figures. They seem to have the ability to appear in various shapes and sizes as they wish however they will always appear completely black in appearance.

They are seen as malevolent ghosts/entities since they typically appear at night in the darkness, this makes people fear them and what they might denote. Shadow people have been reported by both adults and children of both genders of all ages. They are viewed as people who are trying to relive their former lives for some reason or more commonly as evil entities which were never human. These shadow creatures were never human and are generally thought of possibly being satanic in nature and even alien beings.

Shadow PeopleShadow people are not restricted by walls or physical objects; they can freely move through them as far as we can tell. Individuals who come across these shadow figures are often scared by this supernatural way of appearance and behavior as they can appear anywhere and at any time without warning. In general the personality of shadow people seems to be either of a passive nature or what is most commonly reported as a malevolent in nature. Most people attribute them to satanic demonic creatures intending to do harm to human beings. There is a small fraction of investigators out there who believe they are somehow related too or in fact alien beings in disguise.

As stated before, shadow people are often described as a mass of blackness. It has often been reported that they are so black in color that they can be seen in the dark. However there are numerous reports of people encountering shadow figures which have red eyes which in combination with the black body often leaves quite a frightening impression to say the least. A factor that just about scares anyone that has come across them.

Shadow people are often seen beside people’s beds lurking within the darkness trying to get their intended recipients attention. It is believed they are trying to pass on a message or a sign of some kind during these frightening encounters. It is very important to figure out if these messages are truly genuine or of a malevolent nature.

“Good” Shadow people are often seen as individuals who are suffering perhaps from past mistakes and fear confrontation with people they have wronged. They stay around people they are accustomed to, places and things they were used to in their former lives. As stated before not all paranormal investigators believe shadow people are evil or alien beings in disguise.

In some circles it is believed that good Shadow people can move on to the other side and seize from appearing to people; it is upon us to speak to them and give them a chance to move on. However it is very important to state in general good shadow people are the minority by far. Most true black shadow creature encounters are frightening and evil in nature. These black entities have no true desire in helping you in any way.Confronting the shadow people is paramount if one wants to know their purpose on earth and specifically in appearing to a certain individual.

Shadow figures will continue to appear to people in all forms, and it is only upon us to act accordingly when we see them. It could be with fear or courage but however we decide to view them, they will continue to appear until their purpose is achieved and their soul rests.

  • There are those that view shadow people as a result of hallucinations and allocate this to sleep deprivation.
  • These shadow creatures have the ability to alter their presence and manipulate situations.