What Do Shadow People Want

If you’re one of the unfortunate people across the world who is dealing with a paranormal phenomenon known as the shadow people then you must have without a doubt a plethora of questions. Encounters with the terrifying spectacle known as a shadow person apparently is becoming increasingly a more common occurrence. As a person who has been involved with a shadow creature in some manner or form you must have many questions and very little answers. One question that comes up often is what do shadow people want. This is a question of utmost importance, whether these shadow figures are good or evil; we must ascertain what exactly they want with us.

Consequently a major problem with answering this question is at the present time we don’t know exactly what these shadow people/creatures are. People and paranormal investigators alike seem to have a couple of theories of what these shadow figures could possibly be. I will mention them briefly because they will be discussed in more detail in future articles. Some of the more prevalent theories is that shadow people are a type of evil ghost, demonic entities, interdimensional beings, astral beings and even alien beings in disguise. In general though the consensus is that shadow people are not benevolent but malevolent in nature. Consequently what shadow people want from us or do to us seems bleak to say the least.

What Do Shadow People Want

There are various theories of what the shadow people want, I will list the more prevalent ones in no particular order. Shadow people are foreshadowing events which are harmful to the person who sees them and possibly even people who know this person such as family and friends. The other one is that they are soul collectors and are just hanging around until the one they are waiting for passes away. There are folks who believe shadow people/creatures are actually interdimensional beings who manifest in our dimension from time to time. Some believe these interdimensional travelers me no harm to us while others believe they are here to try to cause us harm and even to abduct us.

Another common theory is that shadow people are actually alien beings in disguise. Basically these aliens typically the grays have disguised themselves in these black silhouettes in order to frighten and break you down mentally and physically. They typically appear in the middle of the night under the cover of darkness on a somewhat regular basis. Many paranormal investigators and UFO researchers alike believe the end goal is to abduct people.

The most common theory which is brought up time after time is that shadow people are actually demonic entities whose sole purpose is to cause havoc upon our lives and in the people we love and trust. If these shadow figures are truly demonic or even just purely evil entities then they surely want us to suffer, to live in fear, refute our religion and may even want our souls. My personal opinion is that these shadow creatures/people are generally evil in nature. Regardless if they are demonic or not their intentions are not good and should be never invited into our lives in any manner.