Are Shadow People Bad

Are shadow people bad? That is the question on many people’s minds. The answer to the question is not “yes” or “no” for all the shadow figures. They come in the form of shadows of different shapes and sizes. Some are just a dark blob while others are more humanoid. They can be frightening, to say the least. They can also be unseen, which is the most terrifying of all. They are known by various names such as shadow people, shadow people paranormal, black shadow people, shadow phenomena, black hooded beings, and black cloaks. While most people believe that they are bad, there are those who believe that they are not. They believe that the shadow people didn’t just come from nowhere. There is a reason why they are being seen. If understood and managed properly by an expert in dealing with the shadow beings, it could be resolved without much of a hassle and the experience could even be beneficial instead of harmful.

To start off though, a proper explanation of these entities is needed. There is no way to label them as good or bad because each one has a specific purpose for appearing to us humans.

Shadow-man | Qween CityThe most common type of shadow figure that people see is a dark blob. People who believe in the existence of this phenomenon have called them shadow people. They are usually described as dark amorphous blobs with two white or red eyes. These figures do not always stay in one place but move around the location where they are first seen. Their motives are not clearly understood, but some speculate that they want to hurt or scare people or even kill them, while others think they are just trying to communicate with us and we fail to recognize them for what they really are. Whatever the case, some people have been seeing shadow people since they were children. Popular legends and superstitions like the hobgoblin or goblin are a part of human culture for centuries. People will always be hoping to find a friend in the shadow of their home, or maybe just an evil presence that wants their attention, but what if there is something else there?

There are many different types of shadows that people see and they vary from person to person. Here are a few descriptions of these myths and the known theories on what they really are and why people keep seeing them.

The typical shadow usually appears as a short, black figure with a single glowing red or yellow eye. Many people who see these shadows claim that they are staring at them in the dark and then they disappear. As soon as someone notices the shadow person, it disappears.

Another type of shadow is more sinister and sometimes appears with other shadows or alone under odd circumstances. A malevolent shadow person will appear as a dark figure that seems to be able to control its shape. It can appear as a demon or a monster with claws and horns, sometimes even tentacles! This kind of creature can be accompanied by what appear to be black flames that engulf everything around it or maybe even just by floating black shadows.

Another theory is that these creatures are walking dreams/unconsciousness. The shadow creatures could be our subconscious taking a shape from our mind in order to deliver a message or give us advice. This theory states that there is no creature behind the shadow, but we encounter it because our mind is trying to tell us something about ourselves.

  • Most shadow people are harmless, but others can take on negative meanings by coming with messages that seem to imply something bad will happen if you don’t listen or follow their instructions or warnings.

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