Art Bell Shadow People

Art Bell was an American talk radio show host and a paranormal broadcaster. He created an infamous, late-night radio program, Coast to Coast AM, which was syndicated across the United States and Canada. This blog post is going to be about why so many people enjoy his work even though he has passed away.

Art Bell was a legend in the radio world for two reasons: his ability to keep listeners tuned in throughout the night — sometimes all night long — without any sign of sleepiness or boredom creeping into his voice; and his personal commitment to investigating reports of UFOs and other supernatural phenomena with total earnestness (and often in cooperation with local law enforcement agencies).

Many people who listened to his show will agree that he was the best broadcaster who worked the radio waves, which is why he’s been so widely imitated throughout the radio industry. Fox News used him as a case study for broadcasting tips and techniques in their self-produced documentary (which even included actual audio from Art’s show), titled “How to Get People to Listen and Talk About Something.” The final tips in that video, including “Make your show seem like it’s live, even if it’s pre-recorded,” were actually directly lifted from Art.

Art Bell Shadow People“But what about the paranormal stuff?” some of you may be asking. “Doesn’t he just have a fixation on ufos and ghosts?” Not at all. You see, Art also used to do a live call-in show, in which he would take calls from people who were reporting incidents of paranormal activity. These calls were archived by the show, and are often played during his graveyard shift shows. They include (but are not limited to): “ghosts blowing whistles on your car,” “ghosts trying to get through the door,” “a ghost getting into the apartment,” etc., etc., etc.

He also used to do an occasional segment in which he would sit down with a panel of experts and ask them their personal opinions as to whether paranormal activity actually exists. Some of these experts include (but are not limited to): Maureen Moss, a woman who heard her god-daughter’s voice speaking aloud to her as she was driving, saying “Don’t worry about me!” and “Tell everyone I’m all right!”; Jeffrey Long, a doctor who believes that many patients in his practice had experiences with paranormal activity; Don Ecker, an author who claims to have proof of the existence of both extra-terrestrials and ufos, including a section from an Air Force manual which allegedly states the military is authorized to fire upon any ufo that comes within a certain distance of a military base; and Tim Swartz, an author.

Most of the experts on Art’s show claimed that they had indeed experienced paranormal activity in one form or another, and most often attributed these experiences to the presence of aliens. Another common supernatural topic discussed was shadow people. These are beings that people report seeing as pitch-black silhouettes in the darkness. These alleged shadow people are often described as being tall, huge, and intimidating. The question is whether or not these individuals are actually spirits that haunt their existence or if they are just figments of someone’s imagination.

Many folklore stories from around the world and throughout history have been told by many cultures that depict groups of tall, imposing, shadowy figures that appear at night to scare people. In fact, this common myth has been present in many cultures through time periods. These ghostly figures have also been referred to as demons, devils, angels, and spirits. Some people believe that they are the ghosts of deceased people who have yet to move on to the next level of life and are stuck in a state between heaven or hell. Some even believe that these frightening beings are simply objects like chairs and tables which can be controlled by angry spirits of deceased individuals who want revenge for some sort of needlessly tragic reason.


  • Art Bell was also famous for being one of the first mainstream media broadcasters to cover stories about Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) on his live call-in show.

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