Do Shadow People Follow You When You Move

Do shadow people follow you when you move? What if they are following you, but you’re not able to see them? What about ghosts? Are these uncommon phenomena or is this a common occurrence? Read on to find out what the answer may be. People have been discussing the issue of shadow people for a while now. There’s plenty of people who claim they experience it or have seen them, and there are some who deny its existence.

Shadow people are an interesting and pretty unnerving subject. If you have or have seen one, it’s likely that you wouldn’t forget it. Here are a few of the things you can expect if or when you see or experience shadow people: A human-shaped silhouette of a person with little to no detail. The common belief is that these “people” will oftentimes appear out of nowhere, slowly follow after you, and then disappear without notice once they’ve gotten near enough for their presence to be known. Sometimes shadow people are reported as having red/orange eyes (that shine in the dark).

Some believe that shadow people are the spirits of the dead trying to seek revenge on their killers or on people who have wronged them in life, i.e., murderers and thieves. Others believe they are non-human entities that feed off of human energy. However, unlike ghosts which remain earthbound because they have unfinished business here on earth or because they are caught between this world and the next, Shadow People seem to be able to come and go as they please.

What do they look like and do they really exist?
As far as we can tell from historical accounts and folklore, there is evidence that shadow people have been with us for many centuries. Our ancestors may have witnessed these shadow people and recorded their experiences in text, pictures, or drawings. Most reports of shadow people are associated with a feeling of dread or impending doom.

In other cases, they are seen by witnesses who are experiencing sleep paralysis; a transitional state between wakefulness and full sleep. Sometimes the witness can see the shadowy figure moving about the room, stepping over objects, or hovering above the ground before disappearing out of sight. It is during this transitional state when it is believed that most paranormal activity occurs, including sightings of shadow people.

Do Shadow People Follow You When You MoveWhere do they come from?
Theories abound, as to where shadow people come from. Some people believe they are living in a parallel universe, while others feel they have traveled through time. The most popular theory of how shadow people are formed is by the memories or energy imprints left behind by humans on earth that have passed away. Some people believe that shadow people are part of the ghostly realm, but others believe that they could be something very dark and sinister in human form.

Shadow people are an enigma of the paranormal world. They seem to exist at random and are spotted often by people in real-life situations. There have been numerous reports of shadow people lurking around hospitals and cemeteries looking for something or someone. Are these beings human? Alien? Or perhaps something that is neither, but all at the same time? The dark and mysterious nature of the shadow people has made it difficult for scientists to pinpoint exactly what they are. These creatures have been witnessed loitering around cities, fields, schools, and even homes over the past century.

Do shadow people follow you when you move from one place to another?
Shadow people are a long-standing folkloric tradition in many cultures. The folkloric shadow people in folklore are often mischievous and may try to follow their victims. Some people love to tell horror stories about shadow people following or harassing them personally. Nevertheless, it is very difficult to find genuine stories of shadow people following anyone from the old home to the new. There are some stories that tell of shadow people following a person from childhood to adulthood.

Shadow people follow very few people. However, there are stories that tell of shadow people following and harassing people after they have moved into their new homes. It’s rare for one to follow an individual and that person doesn’t know it. They can’t see the shadow person but they can feel other subtle changes in the environment around them at times. This is often mistaken for environmental sensitivities and anxiety disorders that may manifest as paranoia, paranoia, or hypochondriasis. If someone complains of being followed by a shadow person, blurry shapes in general, or ghostly figures on multiple occasions then more attention should be paid to their mental health status. Just to be on the safe side at the very least.

  • In many cases, after the victims of shadow people realize that their new homes are infested with shadow people, they try to relocate and move away from the area. However, in some cases, moving away does not solve the problem because the shadow people may follow and haunt any new homes at which a victim of shadow people relocates. Some have reported shadow people following them to completely different states and even different countries where they move to.

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