Interdimensional Beings

What are interdimensional beings?
Interdimensional beings (also extra-dimensional, intra-dimensional, and other-dimensional) are a type of being that is able to travel between realities, or exist in more than one reality at the same time. Interdimensional beings are very diverse, ranging from angels and ghosts to aliens and fairies. They also have one thing in common: they cannot be seen by humans with regular eyesight unless the person has psychic powers according to some. The subject of extra-dimensional beings has been subject to much discussion and criticism. Skeptics see these beings as nothing more than a product of our own imaginations, non-existent or irrelevant.

What causes interdimensional beings?
The most commonly accepted theory is that interdimensional beings come from a dimension where time and space do not exist, and can therefore cross through dimensions at will. Another explanation is that interdimensional beings are actually time travelers from a distant future.

A different theory is that some types of interdimensionals are simply evolved, humans. The most widely accepted theory is that they come from other dimensions, but angels have also been suggested to be interdimensional beings.

Is it possible for anyone to become an interdimensional being?
It is not known whether it is possible to become an interdimensional being. However, in one comic, Angel explained that he could go back and forth between Earth and Heaven because he was once human.

How many types of interdimensional beings exist?
There are many different types of interdimensionals. The most widely known are angels, spirits, demons, aliens and fairies. In addition, there are strange phenomena such as poltergeists and orbs.

Are interdimensional beings dangerous?
Not all interdimensionals are alike. Some types of interdimensionals (such as aliens) can be dangerous or cause harm to humans or other lifeforms.

How do interdimensional beings affect humans?
Many types of interdimensional beings interact with humans. These can be positive interactions (such as protection, healing, and teaching), or negative (such as fear, possession, and even death).

Is it possible to communicate with interdimensional beings?
Yes. Humans can communicate with many different types of interdimensionals through prayer, meditation, dreams, automatic writing & drawing (or sketching), and other methods.

Are there any famous examples of interdimensional beings?
Yes. There are many examples of famous people who claim to have seen or communicated with interdimensionals:

The Bible – Many Bible stories deal with angels and demons. In ancient times, these beings were thought to come from other worlds or dimensions. For example, angels were often depicted as wearing either golden or silver robes. They also had wings and sometimes carried a sword. Demons were often shown with horns, snakes, and scales.

The Quran – In the Quran it states that angels travel between Heaven and Earth in order to spread the message of God’s harmony with mankind. It also mentions different types of angels and demons who are trying to separate humans from God’s guidance:
“Then We inspired to the angels, “Prostrate yourselves before Adam!” They prostrated themselves, all save Iblis. He was one of the jinn and his body was fiery flame – so he turned on his heel and said, “Wretched am I! Would that I had never been created!”
Although many people believe there are no demons in Christianity (e.g., angels), many stories talk about evil spirits.

  • Interdimensional beings are often described as having one or more of three basic appearances: angelic, demonic, or alien-like.
  • interdimensional beings in modern comics are under heavy critique by atheists on the internet.
  • Interdimensional Beings (also called Demi-Gods) are a group of beings who can travel between dimensions, having a physical body in one reality and a spiritual body in another – like Jesus Christ (the Son of God, with an earthly body) and Buddha (the Son of Buddha, with his light body).
  • interdimensional beings and otherworldly beings have been a popular subject in comic books since the medium’s inception, as many superhero teams include at least one extra-dimensional character. One of the more popular examples is Superman and Captain Marvel.

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