Seeing Shadow People

Why do I see shadow people? This is an impossible question to answer for sure. For one thing, it requires inescapable speculation about what shadow people are and what they want from us–about where they come from, how they are created, their features and objectivity, their size and mass; all of which are not only speculative but imponderable. And yet the question asks the impossible task of providing answers when we have so little data to work with: we really don’t know whether people seeing shadow people is a universal experience or a rare one. The article is about shadow people that have been reported by many different people for several years now as a common phenomenon throughout America and the planet.

Having said that, we shall try to point out some reasons why. The first thought that comes to mind is that because shadow people are a form of hallucination because of a mental illness and or drug usage such as meth. Another possible explanation is from the side of drugs. It has been reported that some people see shadow people under the influence of hallucinogenic drug usage. Another common reason is that shadow people are the result of sleep deprivation, it is the case that lack of sleep and a lot of stress can cause a person to see things that aren’t there. The third and best possibility (not in any way of our own volition but from what we’ve learned from other experiencers) is that shadow people are actually spirits/supernatural beings.

Seeing Shadow PeopleSo, let’s review some possibilities. Shadow people may be hallucinations due to mental illness or drug usage; this is possible if not likely: although it is true that most people who see shadow people suffer none of these afflictions, it seems unlikely that anyone seeing shadow people could be completely mentally healthy and sober (no drugs, no alcohol).

The second possibility is that shadow people are the result of sleep deprivation. It is true that lack of sleep and a lot of stress can cause a person to see things that aren’t there. However, I believe that it is equally possible for someone who sees shadow people is extremely well-rested and not stressed at all. It can be argued that the person could be having an anxiety attack from underlying mental illness or the physical effects of meth, but this is unlikely since most people who see shadow people don’t have any real mental illness or drug usage (at least not in any way drug or alcohol-related).

The third option–that shadow people are actually supernatural beings–is the best one by far. Most importantly, shadow people are not guaranteed hallucinations regardless of our state or actions. If you feel strongly about seeing shadow people but you haven’t had any recent drug usage or have been feeling mentally healthy and well, they could very well be an actual figure whom you can interact with. This is the most compelling reason to believe that shadow people are real because if they are not, we must first ask: Why do I see shadow people?

I agree that it is possible that shadow people are our subconscious fears and fears of the dark, but what exactly does it mean to see shadow people? If they are only a manifestation of our subconscious, then why do I see them? Perhaps because I am afraid of them. But how can I be afraid if I don’t know what or who they are? How can I be afraid of something that I don’t know? One thing is for sure: I’m not afraid of the dark…or am I? But to be afraid, you must know. So how can I be afraid of something that I don’t know? How can I be afraid of something that doesn’t exist? However, I do not completely accept the theory that these events are projections of our thoughts.

Given all the problems with seeing shadow people, why do people continue to see them over and over again? Simply put: because, perhaps, shadow people have a message for us–or at least for some of us. Indeed, we are able to interact with their world and they sometimes come into ours; some people even invite them into their home for an extended stay. This is a good thing because people who believe in ghosts are able to get answers from them. However, people who see shadow people have described them as “angry spirits” or “visiting spirits.” Some even blame them for bad things that had happened to them or their loved ones. Yes, it’s true that some shadow people are aggressive and… angry, but many general ghost sightings are too.

Mysterious black shadows have appeared in many parts of the United States and throughout the world. The shadow figures are strange, haunting, and nothing like the shadows you’re used to seeing. They appear to be completely black with no discernible features or signs of detail.

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