Shadow Ghost

If you ever spotted an unusual shadowy figure just in your peripheral vision that was not there when you looked in that direction, you may have seen a shadow ghost. A shadow ghost or shadow person is a very dark colored shadow figure, most often in the form of a human being which moves quickly out of sight and is not usually visible for more than a few seconds when a person tries to look directly at them. However they are terrifying recent reports of shadow people becoming more aggressive and making their presence known in much more apparent and forceful ways. Paranormal researchers are still trying to figure out this apparent uptick in aggression, the meaning and causes behind it.

No one can truly explain what a shadow ghost/spirit is as of yet, although there are several popular theories which people subscribe to. Some paranormal investigators believe them to be ghosts or related to ghosts in some fashion, while others who happen to be in the majority believe they are types of demons. Others think they are watchers of sorts looking for a soul ready to claim. Some surmise that they are just visual forms of energy. There is yet another well-known theory that they are in fact alien beings sent to spy on earthly inhabitants probably in disguise. However one thing is obvious to the folks who have seen and experienced them; they exist without a doubt. There have been reports of these elusive shadow entities for many years.

Shadow GhostBecause human beings generally associate darkness with evil, many assume that these things are evil/demonic in nature. This is more just a feeling that one has when encountering such a being. There are accounts that these things gave off a positive feeling, though. Having said that, the majority of cases involving shadow creatures result in a negative and at times demonic presence. The differences would support the theory that this phenomenon is actually just a form of energy. Whatever they are, they do not like to be seen, so they must prefer to keep their intentions to themselves for better or worse.

Mainstream Science has yet to come up with an irrefutable explanation to what shadow people are so we are all left to decide for ourselves what is going on. Fortunately most people only see them occasionally throughout their life in what would be considered paranormal hauntings. The majority of people who are not experiencing any type of paranormal activity within their homes or lives will typically have no contact with any type of shadow person in their lifetime. If it is a very common occurrence for someone, they may try ignoring the shadowy beings. Alternatively, they could face it head on and tell the shadow ghosts to go away. There are other avenues to seek help as well such as from your local church and paranormal investigators.

If you see shadow ghosts but they have not acted in a maleficent way, it may be best to just accept that these things exist without panic or fear, as there is no true evidence that they are all innately bad or evil. At any rate, they have been around for a long time and we may as well live with them peacefully if at all possible.

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