Shadow People The Hat Man

If having to deal with shadow people a.k.a. shadow figures wasn’t enough, there seems to be a single ominous entity or type of entity which is regularly showing up. While shadow people seem to appear too individuals around the world as these Black nondescript shadows, mists or black masses, there seems to be someone or something appearing more often in these horrifying encounters. In fact, this being has appeared so often nowadays it has been given a name, “the hat man. This is either an individual or type of shadow men which is appearing to people much more often during these evil shadow occurrences.

The hat man is a shadow person or demon depending on who you ask, however most people believe it’s evil in nature either way. This entity is commonly described as a rather tall shadow person dressed in a long trench coat and typically wearing a wide brimmed hat however there are reports of him wearing a fedora. Generally speaking he is always completely in black and either has no facial characteristics which can be ascertained or is blurred intentionally. Essentially like all shadow people his appearance is completely black; blacker than darkness and the silhouette of a man. Nevertheless, there are reports of glowing eyes on occasion in particular red eyes according to witnesses.

Another distinguishing factor of the dark man is the fact that most shadow creatures are usually observed for a moment or two before they dart away or instantly disappear. They typically hang around for an instant however the shadow man in contrast often lingers around for an extended amount of time. He makes himself known and wants to be observed by his chosen target/victim. There are even reports of victims being poked/touched in some manner, choked and even assaulted. However, as a matter of clarification there are reports of similar harassment and assaults by shadow people in general as well, just not as often.

For reasons yet not fully understood the dark man seems to be either attracted too or an instigator of anger fueled hostile environments/situations. And is consequently often viewed as an omen of death, sadness, despair, terror and evil to come. This dark entity seems to particularly make itself known during all types of domestic disturbances and other similar anger fueled encounters.

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    • Well is the angel of death evil? We just dont know, or is it what comes to take our souls when we die? I have heard of good and bad people seeing the angel of death. What gives?

      • Oh noo it is of no death cuz if u say your prayers then it goes away , but it feeds off you being scared. It gets joy off of you and knowing it’s making u scared. The spirit of death is way different the spirit of death kills immediately or of u dodge it that’s god sending you a message. But the hat man cannot touch you. God doesn’t allow that. U have to say in the name of Jesus Christ what is your name and it will tell u. It is Satan or 1 of the 6 demons itself. But to get rid of it say I rebuke you in the name of Jesus and it will go away ,I know, my mom incounterd it late at night and she said that, and it worked.✌

  1. I have a question. My best friend and I have encountered these Shadow People so much within the last year. They don’t bother me, but I see them in the corner of my eye, and can’t stop thinking about them. We actually defeated something stronger than them, and they seemed happy. Then we got scared again, and they’ve left her comepletely. How do I get these things out of my head?

  2. My dad last night while he slept was encountered by what he described as a tall figure in a long duster type coat with a hat. He said this figure touched him. What is this

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