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If having to deal with shadow people a.k.a. shadow figures wasn’t enough, there seems to be a single ominous entity or type of entity which is regularly showing up. While shadow people seem to manifest too individuals as these blacker than black nondescript shadows, mists or black masses, there seems to be someone or something appearing more often in these horrifying encounters around the world. In fact, this supernatural being has appeared so often to folks nowadays it has been given a name, “The Hat Man. This is either an individual or type of shadow men which is appearing to people much more often during these evil shadow occurrences. No one seems to know how or why these dark ghostly encounters are occurring and why more frequently these days. Of course, people/paranormal researchers have all types of theories and explanations as to why, however the hat man remains for the most part a mystery along with the shadow people.

The hat man is a shadow person or demon depending on who you ask, however most people believe it’s evil in nature either way. This entity is commonly described as a rather tall shadow person dressed in a long trench coat and typically wearing a wide brimmed hat however there are reports of him wearing a fedora. Generally speaking he is always completely in black and either has no facial characteristics which can be ascertained or is blurred intentionally. Essentially like all shadow people his appearance is completely black (blacker than darkness) and the silhouette of a man. Nevertheless, there are reports of glowing eyes on occasion in particular bright red eyes according to witnesses.

Another distinguishing factor of the dark man is the fact that most shadow creatures are usually observed for just a moment or two before they dart away (typically through walls or out of sight) or instantly disappear. They typically hang around for an instant however the shadow man in contrast often lingers around for an extended amount of time. He makes himself known and wants to be observed by his chosen target/victim. There are even reports of victims being poked/touched in some manner, choked and even assaulted mentally and physically. However, as a matter of clarification there are reports of similar harassment and assaults by shadow people in general as well, just not as often.

For reasons yet not fully understood the dark man seems to be either attracted too or an instigator of anger fueled hostile environments/situations. And is consequently often viewed/identified as an omen of death, sadness, despair, terror and evil to come. This dark entity seems to particularly make itself known during all types of domestic disturbances and other similar anger fueled encounters. As a side note, demonic entities better known as demons share the same type of characteristics. These demon’s feed off fear and despair as their diabolic influence on people grows stronger, it’s a vicious cycle. However, there is no conclusive proof that the hat man is a type of demon per se or demonic per nature. We just don’t have all the facts at the present moment, to make a decisive determination either way.

  • There have been no known occurrences of a “Hat Woman” at least as far as I know or it’s possible it is not widely known as of yet as compared to “The Hat Man”.
  • There are also accounts of an all-black cloaked figure with and without red eyes appearing as well, very similar in nature to the hat man. Are they the same being, or are they different entities? Further investigation is necessitated before we can make any kind of firm conclusion.

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    • Well is the angel of death evil? We just dont know, or is it what comes to take our souls when we die? I have heard of good and bad people seeing the angel of death. What gives?

      • Oh noo it is of no death cuz if u say your prayers then it goes away , but it feeds off you being scared. It gets joy off of you and knowing it’s making u scared. The spirit of death is way different the spirit of death kills immediately or of u dodge it that’s god sending you a message. But the hat man cannot touch you. God doesn’t allow that. U have to say in the name of Jesus Christ what is your name and it will tell u. It is Satan or 1 of the 6 demons itself. But to get rid of it say I rebuke you in the name of Jesus and it will go away ,I know, my mom incounterd it late at night and she said that, and it worked.✌

        • I tell ya, the hat man touched me when I was 3 years old! He took my left hand and bound it to the bed, then he left. And I did not feel fear at all. What is that telling you?

        • This is wrong, I was 23 when it paid me a visit. I had a knife under my pillow because I lived in a bad neighborhood. It stood in my bedroom door way, I went for my knife then a deafening hissing noise in my head as well I was parilized, I was jelly, i screamed to my neighbor but nothing came out. It was putting me to sleep, I was trying my best to resist, then it let me go and walked into the kitchen, I grabbed my knife and followed tried to stab it in the back was paralyzed again fell to the floor, I felt a freezing cold cloth go over my head then woke up in my bed day time. Don’t give bullshit advice if you have never face this thing, I’m 34 years old now and that this scares me still today

    • Does anyone know how to get him away. Cause he’s been with me since I was a baby. I went to a mental hospital cause of him and he was gone for a few months and now he’s back. Does anyone know who can help me or what can help me? He always stayed at the end of my bed now he gets closer or gets in bed with me. I need help.

  1. I have a question. My best friend and I have encountered these Shadow People so much within the last year. They don’t bother me, but I see them in the corner of my eye, and can’t stop thinking about them. We actually defeated something stronger than them, and they seemed happy. Then we got scared again, and they’ve left her comepletely. How do I get these things out of my head?

  2. My dad last night while he slept was encountered by what he described as a tall figure in a long duster type coat with a hat. He said this figure touched him. What is this

  3. ive been seeing the hat man for a year or two now and im quite scared…
    this figure is almost always in the hallyway of my house but recenly ive seen him in my room. my parents think i’m crazy so they won’t help
    iv’e put black tourmaline on my doorframe to ward him off but he’s still there. any advice?

  4. ive been seeing the hat man for a year or two now and im quite scared…
    this figure is almost always in the hallyway of my house but recenly ive seen him in my room. my parents think i’m crazy so they won’t help
    iv’e put black tourmaline on my doorframe to ward him off but he’s still there. any advice?

  5. It happened to me when I was 8 I’m 29 now and it’s been happening on and off since then…. I can hear. Fan going fast and can’t move then I will close my eyes and try to scream nothing happens I then see him… it’s very scary and I’m tired of it

  6. Ok, I have read all these sites on the Hatman and Shadow People and I just have to tell people that the Hatman is not scary or harmful at all, well, he has not harmed me or anyone in family. Firstly i must say that I’ve never had depression or in a depressed situation when the Hatman visited me each time. One night i was home alone and waiting for my fiance Sam to get home, i was worried that he’d be drinking too much because he had a tendancy to drive whilst drunk, anyhow it was after 1am and still waiting for Sam, i was walking down the hallway into the kitchen and suddenly this figure of a Hatman (i have seen him previously years ago, that’s another story)appeared in front of me and said as he took his hat off “I’ll save him” and flew off through the window, then at the same time I envisioned Sam driving, turning around a corner and losing control of the 4WD which was about to roll when the Hatman with his Cape open which turned into this bright white light, he flew thru the window and wrapped himself around Sam, this all happened very quickly, it was as if i was transported to that street to watch it all unfold! When i sort of got my composure because of what just happened, i thought i was imagining things, anyway an hour or so went by and i get a call from Sam to tell me he’s in the hospital to go and pick him up! After speaking to the nurse i went to hospital, he was fine and not a scratch on him, he sobered up by the time i got there and besides insisting i take him home, which the nurses wanted to keep him overnight for observation, he told me that he was driving home but lost control bcos he hit the corner of curb and the 4wd rolled and all he felt was the 4wd rolling and a really bright light and also felt like he was pinned on the seat, was not wearing his seat belt, the 4wd stopped upside down and Sam said he somehow ended up outside besides the upturned 4wd. A taxi driver who just dropped someone off witnessed the whole incident, he called for the ambulance ……… The 4wd was totally written off extensive damage to the roof etc. Sam was very lucky and the Hatman saved his life then and has done it again since. I don’t see him often but i feel he visits every now and then, when i sense him around i say hello and thank him for the visit. 🙂
    I have more stories of how the Hatman has helped Sam and I also do have a real photo of him. I don’t think i can post photos here! Thank you all for reading and i hope that this story takes away any thoughts or beliefs that the Hatman is a demon or negative entity because the Hatman looks after us when we are about to have a mishap or accident of some kind. 🙂 Mrs. Maggs

  7. This is another time that the Hatman came to our aid again….. this was a few years later. One day my fiance Sam went on a motor bike ride on his Harley to visit mates, on way back home he was riding down this road which had a few curves/bends, as he rode around a wide bend he came upon a round-a-bout which was in the process of being built, there was unswept gravel and sand on the road from the road works, meanwhile back at the house i was unpicking the washing off the line when i saw the Hatman right next to me and he done the same as before, he flew off and at same time i had a vision, as if i were watching a video, of the Hatman at a familiar road, he flew to this person on a motor bike and i could see it so clearly as if i was there watching it all, i realised it was Sam by then, the hatman turned into like a blanket of a bright white light, as he done before and wrapped himself around Sam just as the bike fell and slid along the road straight into a Bulldozer which was parked off the side of the road on a clearing with it’s Loader thingy half raised, if Sam was sliding along the road on his bike he would’ve had his head chopped off!! this large Ball of light like a large orb was literally floating off from the bike and floated up not far from the ground about 4 feet in the air as if in slow motion towards the centre of the roun-a-bout and landing on the sand then the light disappeared and Sam was in the middle of the round-a-bout on the yellow sand, at that exact moment a car came along slowly and i found myself back home at the clothes line. I called Sam straight away and asked if he was alright that i knew and seen what happened, he got a bit confused as to how i seen it all, i said i’ll tell him later and i got in my car and drove to the area, by then the Police were there, Sam was not hurt at all, we organised the bike to be picked up etc. On way home he told me there were no signs or posts stating road works ahead and as he rode along a bend he seen a round-a-bout which obviously just been put up, he braked and that’s when he skidded and slid on the gravel and then he said he didn’t know how he ended up in the centre of the sandpit of the round-a-bout and that he thought he had died or something because all he saw was a bright light and felt himself floating and next thing he knew he was sitting on a pit of yellow sand and a woman running to him asking if he’s ok, he then asked me how i knew and i told him what had happened about the man in the hat and my vision. Sam was slightly freaked out by his incident, i quietly thanked the Hatman for saving Sam again.
    My story just shows that not all Hatmen are evil or demonic, the Hatman has been there at every incident that Sam has gone through, which is another two or more real life stories about how the Hatman helped us, also each time something is happening to Sam the Hatman appears either in daylight or evening whenever things are about to happen i see him although very quickly, but i seen his face clearly, he has a Large Nose, he is not black mass like a Shadow being, he’s about 7ft tall, wears that black Hat and a black overcoat that turns into a cape, each time he’s about to disappear or fly off, he says ” i’ll save him” . The Hatman looks to be human to look at, his voice was very deep and vibrated through me, wasn’t scary at all. I only feel his presence when he’s about to save Sam for some strange reason, one day i will ask him if i see him long enough or if he returns after helping us, if he is around i don’t sense him, doesn’t mean he’s not around us i wouldn’t know if he were, but i do know that this Hatman comes to our aid at times of near death experiences, i don’t know much about them only what i read, i do know that this Hatman is a saviour to us. This was the 2nd time the Hatman came to save Sam, maybe he’s assigned to look after Sam, I truly don’t know but the Hatman has been around me ever since i was very young and some nights he’d be in the doorway of my room whilst i slept, sometimes i’d see the shadow/silhouette or i felt his presence, which was not evil or scary to me, i would say in my mind thank you for watching over me, I thought at the time that he was my grandfather looking after us because my Grandad wore same type of hat. 🙂

    • it is a demon that feeds on your fear to expel him get his name from him and rebuke him in the name of yeshua tell him to leave pray and psalms would be a excellent choice to look for prayers when he shows up get on youtube and play prayers and tell him hes not welcome that you are a child of god not the devil and to leave even this thing isnt nice most accounts are of evil not good i date a suicidal woman who sees him and i will tell u thins he is real and he is evil he feed on your fear

    • wow that’s so cool, I’ve had an encounter with the hat man when i was about 9. So i woke up in the middle of night for some reason. And i instantly look to the left of my bed and i see what looks like a 8ft tall man with a very long hat, just looking over me. I couldn’t believe what i was seeing and as fast he arrived he left. this misery someone did not harm me nor frighten me. It was a strange feeling, i was mostly confused of what happend. I felt like it was my grandfather that died before i got to meet him.

  8. Does anyone know how to get him away. Cause he’s been with me since I was a baby. I went to a mental hospital cause of him and he was gone for a few months and now he’s back. Does anyone know who can help me or what can help me? He always stayed at the end of my bed now he gets closer or gets in bed with me. I need help.

  9. Yesterday our school was having a play. It was showing for two nights, Friday and Saturday. On Friday night before people were allowed to come in and get seated, everyone was crowding around a door backstage. It leaded to the band hall of the school. There are three sets of double doors that lead into the band hall, and all of them were wide open, and the hall light shown into the darkened hall. I took a glance to see why people were freaked out, and it looked like a man was sitting in the band hall, hunched over with his hands on his knees. But I couldn’t see his head.
    It didnt look like he had one. I immediately shooed everyone away and told them to just forget it. But other things began to happen. People reported seeing a little girl, and others said that the man moved and they could see his brightly colored eyes staring at them. After reading this article and hearing how people saw the man. I have no doubt it was the hat man.

  10. I’ve seen the “hat man” my entire life. I’m an empath and I’m able to see/communicate with the dead, none of that has ever scared me, it’s part of my normal daily life. But that thing TERRIFIES me. My whole life I’ve woke up to “him” standing over me while I’m sleeping. I can’t move, breathe (it feels like there’s a ton of weight on my chest), or scream. I’m just stuck there with him standing over me till he goes away and I can move again. Even when I don’t see him, I know when he’s around. I can feel his presence hiding in the dark. I.don’t always see him, there’s times where I’ve gone a couple years here and there with no feelings or sight of him, but he ALWAYS comes back. Mostly when something major happens and I’m extremely sad, or whenot there’s tormoil in my home. I’m 36 years old now, and I’m still terrified of this thing. My mom had the same experience with it when she was pregnant with me, but only when she lived in 1 house, when she moved it stopped. Also her “hat man” was solid white, and he choked her. She could see the shape of hands reaching for her neck and said her belly would get really hard and she was terrified of a miscarriage. I just recently found out that my grandmother had the same experience when she was pregnant with my mom. Same black thing like i see, couldn’t move, scream or breathe like myself & my mom. But like my mom, as soon as they moved it went away. I’ve moved A LOT in my life, it doesn’t matter where I am, he still comes to me. Why is it stuck with me? Has this happened to different generations before?
    What is it and how do I make it stop?!

  11. When I was around 4 or so I saw him but he had yellow eyes instead of red. He was in front of my bed and I pulled the covers over my eyes. When I pulled them back down he was gone. He disappeared through the carpet I didn’t see that but I knew he did.

  12. it was like 2:47 am when i saw a figure it was a tall man with a hat i was staring but it would not leave it was trying to touch me i was terrified right away i screamed. i was 4 that time and i am 47 till this i am still terrified.

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