Shadow Person

What is a shadow person? A shadow person is a myth or legend that describes an entity—usually humanoid in shape—that conceals itself from view and seems to suddenly appear out of nowhere. They are often believed to be associated with human suffering, including possession, illnesses, or death. There are many different names for this creature, including “shadow man,” “shadow creatures”.

Shadow persons are sometimes associated with an insidious or unnerving feeling of something living in a room or following someone. Some have also been claimed to be invisible to the naked eye, but can be seen by the use of optical equipment; this is often associated with infestation by an evil spirit. If it is believed that these shadow persons truly exist, then they usually reside in an unknown place, much like ghosts.

Reports of these creatures go back centuries; folklore from cultures throughout the world describes them as living or nonliving entities which can come in many different forms and have many different names depending on cultural beliefs and fears at a given time period. Because of this, it can be difficult to distinguish between the real-life shadow person and its various depictions in literature, mythology, film, or art.

Shadow PersonA shadow person is a common term for an entity described by those who claim to have seen them. They are normally described as black masses that take on a human silhouette but are much darker and shadowy than a typical human. Various cultures have had their own names for this entity: it has been referred to as “a shadow person, black mass, dark shadow, the Shadow Men, shadow being and many other things…

Shadow people have been observed to exhibit a variety of behaviors, from simple moving from one place to another to more complex actions. They have been known to open and close doors and windows, open drawers, turn on and off lights, operate electronic devices—usually televisions or radios—and move objects around a room. Sometimes it is believed that they are responsible for the sounds of footsteps that are heard on upper floors of buildings when no one is up there. Modern reports tell tales of shadow figures lurking around victims and frequently appearing behind people who are alone

Are all shadow people malevolent? Most researchers agree that shadow people are not typically associated with good things. However, some believe that shadow people may be benevolent in various situations. Some shadow people who are believed to be benevolent are considered to be the spirits of deceased loved ones.

In some instances, shadow persons are said to be helpful— possibly acting as messengers or guardians in an unseen realm. Some believe that they appear during important events in a person’s life; for example when someone is about to die or learn something important. Others may believe that they are a sign of approaching evil; some people say they will warn them in advance of impending doom and allow them to prepare. And then there are those who believe that shadow people are demonic in nature, with no good intentions whatsoever.

It is believed that shadow people who are not ghosts are the product of an evil spirit. It is also possible for them to be created by demons or another entity, such as a sociopath. And then there are those who believe that shadow people are actually aliens from another world, but there has been no confirmation to support this theory. Sightings have been reported worldwide; however, most reports originate in the United States and the United Kingdom. Many ghost hunting shows have featured shadow people on their programs; however, it is important to note that there has been no “scientific evidence” produced by any of these shows to support their claims.

There are many who believe that shadow people can be captured on film. There are many images available online that have been captured during paranormal investigations or by curious amateurs. On occasion, ghost hunters can see shadow people, but they claim these anomalies to also occur during normal waking life situations.


  • Shadow people have been sighted throughout time in various forms.
  • There are a few different types of shadow persons, according to believers.
  • In most cases, shadow people are the product of a person’s imagination. However, that is not always the case.
  • Ghost hunters believe that shadow people can be caused by ghosts and apparitions from the spirit world. They say that ghosts who do not have successful transitions into death or who are unable to move on to the spirit world
  • Some believe that the shadow people may be a human spirit in an undeveloped state, while others claim that they are demonic.

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