Shadowy Figure What Are They

One of the most common supernatural occurrences is seeing a shadowy figure. These “ghosts” are called Shadow People/Shadow Man/Shadow Creatures. These shadow figs are seen from the corner of your eye and tend to be far more elusive than the average supernatural being. It is rarely reported that a shadow person will stand in full form directly in front of those that see them. Though, it is becoming more common than it used to be as time goes on. We do not yet know why this is happening more often, however some theories are some of these shadow people may have something they want to say or illustrate to the persons who see them. Another theory that paranormal investigators have is that they are simply becoming more confrontational with human beings and are seeking to impart maximum terror within their intended victims.

What do Shadow People look like?

Shadowy FigureMuch like the name entails, shadow figs look like shadows which seem to dart from corner to corner. They aren’t always all black, however. There have been cases where bright red eyes or even yellow have been seen. As stated above, they are often seen out of the corner of the eye. They come in various heights and even shapes. Though, many are typically shorter than the average human. There are no fine details to observe, they are simply a shade of blackness. There are often times described as a type of blackness even darker than the dark. They can often times still be observed in pure darkness. You simply cannot see their face or the intricacies of their form; if they are a dead being or something much more sinister.

Are they ghosts?

There are more than a few differences between a shadowy figure and what are considered typical ghosts. Ghosts are often human figures, with more detailed structure. Ghosts can even be animals. But, they are easy to decipher and even recognize. Many paranormal investigators and demonologists in this area of thought believe that these figures are demonic in nature. This is due to the look, the feel, and the specific situations surrounding their appearance in the location. It is important to remember that if these are ghosts, they are as individual as you and I. They have different intentions, interests, and personalities. Even the typical ghost can have negative intentions. Shadow people are elusive and there is not nearly enough research done to establish whether they are inherently demonic, or circumstantially.

Other theories

There are various other theories that are worth looking into. For example, they could be astral bodies. Theorists consider these entities to be essences of those that are having an out of body experience. Many believe that we always travel out of body when we are in the midst of twilight. Another very popular theory among paranormal and UFO researchers alike is that shadow people are actually aliens in disguise such as the grays or even a new type of ominous alien species. What ever they may be, one thing for sure is the vast majority of encounters with shadow people are absolutely horrifying.

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