The Hat Man

What is the hat man? The Hat Man is a paranormal entity that has been described as wearing a trench coat, a wide-brimmed hat, and either a black or dark navy-blue suit. These entities are reported to wear a Fedora-style hat and usually appear in the night, usually outside homes, cemeteries, or near open doors where they will stand motionless. Various reports have the Hat Man appearing while standing above you or at the corner of the bed. This entity is described as a dark humanoid shape. The Hat Man is reported to move silently and may produce an odor of rotting flesh in some cases. They will often lean down towards you and peer into your eyes as if obtaining a read on your thoughts, fears, and emotions. The hat man is one of the most common paranormal entities reported in the United States. The hat man is the subject of numerous urban legends and paranormal investigations.

The top hat man is often reported to appear in both dreams and waking life. He will stare directly at you and might even talk or whisper to you. And other times he walks through walls and does not make a sound. He has also been known to appear suddenly and unexpectedly in rooms or open spaces/fields if you are travelling alone at night on deserted roads. One thing that is for certain about the hat man is that he is not mortal. He appears to be something entirely different and beyond our comprehension. Most people who have encountered the entity claim that he looks evil and that there is an extreme sense of dread or fear felt when around him. Others say that he had glowing orange or red eyes. He’s also been described as a black mass with no discernible features humanoid in shape with glowing eyes and usually with a hat of some kind. It is often thought of as being an evil entity of some kind. Furthermore, The Hat Man has been reported all over the world, including Australia, Canada, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, and the United States.

The Hat Man is often reported to be a male entity but Females have been reported as well. The Hat Man is sometimes described as having a large, dark, bat-like face or as a tall and dark shadowy figure. The entity may be reported as “evil” or malevolent, however, the entity may also be neutral. The Hat Man is described to emit a smell of Sulphur and appears to be in league with shadow figures. Some truly believe he is or has something to do with the angel of death. Will, we ever know the full story, only time will tell. The Hat Man is a very mysterious entity and we have no idea what it truly represents or why he appears to us, but there are many theories. Some believe that the Hat Man could be an evil being from another dimension who has come here to cause chaos and mischief. Or perhaps this is just a trick of our minds as some people may think they see something when in fact there’s nothing at all? There are also other theories out there such as hallucinations from drug abuse, especially from meth. It is also possible that this entity could be a type of spirit. However, there are many different opinions on the Hat Man and we will never know for sure what it represents or why he appears to us. There have been stories in which people claim they saw him but when they looked again nothing was there at all. They believe their eyes deceived them into thinking they had seen something when in fact no one else did see anything at all! There is no clear consensus on the Hat Man and his origins.


Who is the Hat Man?

There is a Supernatural Dark figure that appears in a lot of people’s nightmares, and it is called the “Hat Man.” The reports of the Hat Man have increased in the 21st Century and continue to do so, in particular popular culture and folklore. The Hat Man is said to have followed people for varying periods of time after he has been seen. His appearances are often accompanied by personal feelings of being watched, strange noises, and feelings of dread. The entity has been described in various ways as wearing a dark suit and hat, but it is also reported as wearing a black suit and hat with a white bow tie with string pull. There are many different descriptions of the Hat Man’s appearance, but all these descriptions revolve around the entity appearing out of nowhere suddenly. Often times he will stand motionless and just stare or occasionally speak. Either way, it is quite an unnerving encounter typically, to say the least.

According to much-reported evidence from those who have experienced him, the Hat Man is not a man, but rather an evil spirit. The Hat Man is said to be malevolent in nature and has been described as wearing dark clothing, including a hat with the brim pulled down over his eyes. The Hat Man’s appearance varies depending on what he wants you to see him as or how he appears when your mind is at rest. Some describe him as being tall and thin like a human while others say that “he was just a shadow.” This supernatural entity is a man of mystery and shadow, he’s the man of the night. Having said that he has been spotted during the daytime as well just not as often.

The “dark entity” some refer to as the “hat man” seems to be either attracted to or an instigator of anger-fueled hostile situations. And, as a result, he’s often viewed/identified as an omen of death, despair, and evil to come. This “dark entity” particularly makes himself known during all types of domestic disturbances and other similar angry encounters. As a side note diabolical entities, some call demons share the same type of characteristics. These demons feed off fear and despair as their diabolic influence on people grows stronger, it’s a vicious cycle. However, there is no conclusive proof the hat man is a type of demon per se or demonic per nature. Others maintain that it is not a demon and has no demonic characteristics, but that it does have a diabolical influence. Still, others claim that it is a type of demon. We just don’t know for sure.


What people have done when they’ve seen the Hat Man?

The Hat Man has been the focus of many pop-cultural theories, but most have never seen him in person. Theories range from being nothing more than a figment of imagination to being an ambassador from Hell. The Hat Man is referred to either as the devil or an evil force. When people see the Hat Man they can feel his presence, he may appear in different forms but is typically humanoid. He will often be seen staring at people with no expression whatsoever. Then he will just disappear without a trace. Some people have said that when confronted by the Hat Man, they felt their life flash before their eyes, and then it would just stop.

A lot of people have said that they’ve seen the Hat Man in a variety of different ways. Some people have described him as a full-fledged humanoid figure, some have described him simply as a face in the sky, and others have seen him in their windows. What about when you’ve seen him? What do you do when you see him? When I see the Hat Man, I usually freeze in fear and/or make a mad dash for the nearest exit. Sometimes I’m having a lucid dream and I actually see this figure right in front of my eyes. While I avoid eye contact like the plague, I don’t think that Hat Man is a necessary evil or malicious entity. However, he usually comes when something is wrong with me or the people around me. So, I would advise anyone who sees him to take this as a warning sign to get your life in order.

In general, depending on their age and the situation people have a tendency to freeze in fear or run for the hills. Alternatively, many will simply go under the covers and start praying hoping the entity vanishes without harming them. Some people actually get angry and even try to confront the entity. Asking it to leave and to never come back.


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