What Are Shadow People

Shadow people are ghosts (demons?) that typically come in the form of a human but can be animal-like as well. They’re known for being shadowy and commonly reported during restless sleep. Some people think they’re harmless or know their presence to be benevolent and comforting, but not all shadow people are friendly… There are evil shadow people who have been known to terrorize their victims. Evil shadow people are real. Some even take the form of a dark shadowy figure that will walk up to a person and try to grab them (some even speak), before disappearing or morphing into the image of an animal. It has also been reported that they take the form of an owl with glowing red eyes, and say ominous things to their victim, such as “get out” or “leave”.

These beings can be self-aware and have the ability to move through walls, travel through the air, and pass through closed doors. People who see shadow people are usually awoken by them, and sometimes frightened. If awakened by the shadow person’s touch, it is often cold to the point of freezing. They can appear as a shadow of a human or an animal as they please.

What is a shadow person?
Shadow persons are not to be confused with the shadows created by the body blocking the light, like when one stands in front of a window. People who experience these phenomena commonly report that they have the feeling that there was someone else in the room, seen out of their peripheral vision or even right next to them. Sometimes they appear as faint black shadows that stand out against darker areas in a room.

These shadows have been seen by many, and some have even encountered them in bed with them… Though there are some that say they’ve been touched by shadows that seemed cold like ice, while others claim to feel an invisible hand pressing down on their chest so hard they can barely breathe. Shadow People are reported by a variety of people worldwide. Some believe they are just figments of their imagination that may be the result of sleep paralysis, while others believe Shadow People are demons that live among us. The majority of those who believe Shadow People are real claim that they have experienced being touched or attacked by one and many have taken care not to let them get too close as a result.

What do shadow people look like?

Depending on who you ask, there are reportedly different types of shadow people. The most common type is a human-like figure with a black silhouette. Their facial features are black or dark and they float around with a purposeful stride, often while staring ahead with their arms by their sides. Some people report that shadow people often give off an otherworldly glow, or tend to have red glowing eyes. They will often appear very close to you and be able to hear your whispered voices. These shadowy creatures are said to lurk in the darkness, in dark corners, near the foot of one’s bed.

There are also reports of shadow people appearing as animal-like figures. The most common type of creature reported is some kind of canine or feline (usually black cats). These shadows can be seen stalking the person who experiences them, but they seem to vanish if you try to run away from them. It should be noted that these descriptions are only what witnesses report seeing. Many say that the figure disappears when they move closer to it for a better look.

The Big Question; What Are Shadow People?

When it comes to shadow people, there are two main schools of thought on these entities. The first camp believes shadow people are ghosts or demonic entities that feed off of human energy for survival. The second camp believes they’re a natural phenomenon in almost everyone’s life. They’re mostly harmless and appear more times than not during dreams and restless sleep. Some people even find them comforting, but most don’t see them at all. Of course, you can also think of shadow people as a mix of the two – ghosts or demons that often appear to help you through your troubles but can turn dark if not dealt with correctly (think Castiel from Supernatural).

Some people think that shadow people are all demons, but they’re not. There are folks who believe their appearance is basically a manifestation of the fear or anger a person has. Sometimes their appearance causes some irrational thoughts in the brain through an electromagnetic field, which can cause real physical pain as well as an increase in anxiety and/or stress levels. The stressful thought can also be caused by another person’s apparition from a very dark place. When someone thinks that they’ve seen something out of the ordinary, it can cause anxiety and paranoia…

Another idea from the perspective of UFOs: The closest thing to an official definition of shadow people in ufology (the study of aliens) is that they’re “thought-forms or living entities composed of psychic energy. They are created from the subconscious fears, anxieties, and anger of an individual, often a person who has seen extraterrestrial life.” There are also folks who believe shadow people are actually aliens in some form or shape, possibly in disguise.

If you hear about a suspicious noise in your house at night and later believe you saw a shadow person from the corner of your eye, that could be what’s called a “personal shadow” or your “ethereal double.” It’s sort of like astral projection (your spirit leaving your body to explore other realms).

Communicate With a Shadow Person

Shadow people will leave you alone unless you’re sleeping. At this time, if you allow yourself to fall into a dream state while still awake, then they will come to you. If you want to see a shadow person, then focus your mind on it and your curiosity and desire will create an opening in your mind for the entity to enter.

If you want to communicate with a shadow person or at least have the ability to feel its presence around you, go about it in the following way: Read up on possible ways of summoning shadow people from helpful occult books. Sometimes the book will give some helpful hints as far as preparation and setting up an invocation circle before attempting contact with these dark beings (even if just for curiosity). Having said that, we highly do not recommend trying to speak to the dead or dabbling in the supernatural.

  • Evil shadow figures can be terrifying and can cause fear, panic, anxiety or depression in a person- if they get too much exposure, it can lead to sleep paralysis.
  • Some believe that a shadow person is someone who died in the same place they’re being seen, which draws them to that location so they can continue haunting it. Waiting for the end of times? Maybe so…
  • Other evil shadow people will take the form of a skeleton or have wrinkled faces with animal-like eyes. Some shadow people may even appear twice, one in front of the subject and another behind or to the side.
  • Shadow people are very similar to poltergeists; they may even be able to affect sleeping victims. Many victims will hear their name called out by a shadowy figure while they’re asleep or will feel as though something is clutching their body when they sleep. This can be very scary and also extremely frightening. People who sleep in the middle of the night are more likely to experience this phenomenon than those who sleep during the day.
  • Shadow people will also appear suddenly and want to get into your head and destroy you and take over your soul or body. This is especially common in children, where the child cannot comprehend the shadow person or what they are, but rather just feels a presence in their mind the whole time. Instead of being an annoying presence, it should be noted that some children feel comforted by these beings…
  • Some victims of shadow people experience dizziness, nausea, fear, numbness in the limbs, and even heart palpitations.

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